API reference

Reference information for the methods available in the Cozy protocol.
The main two contracts you use to interact with the Cozy protocol are:
  • Cozy token contracts
  • Cozy Comptroller contract
There are dedicated API reference sections for these core contracts that explain the key concepts and how to use the methods they provide. In addition to the API reference sections for Cozy tokens and the Comptroller, there is a separate full API reference for all contracts that are part of the Cozy protocol. For details about using the Cozy API, see the following sections:
When reading the API references, note that any variable described as a mantissa is an 18 decimal number. For example, if a contract is storing the number 3.14 as a mantissa, the value in storage will be 3.14e18 = 3,140,000,000,000,000,000.